Toorak Entrance/Living/Dining




June 2, 2016


Toorak apartment

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My advice on this project was “stick with what you love!”  So often we can over-think everything, but I believe there is a harmony in what one loves therefore, in most cases, all the pieces will work together in the allotted space.

Here, the eclectic collection of furnishings found in the entrance/living/dining areas, along with accompanying artwork, allowed for the rooms to be transitioned from a sophisticated to casual setting depending on the occasion.  The bedroom on the other hand warranted a calmer feel which was achieved with a softer colour palette.  The apartment being on the ground level, shutters were a must to accommodate privacy without excluding all the sunshine.  I had the spaces painted white to make them feel bigger and brighter and with no cause to change the floorboards I left them in their existing condition.