Toorak Apartment


June 1, 2016


Toorak Apartment

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The project being set in a 1960s apartment building, I was very conscious of creating a kitchen and bathroom design sympathetic to the original architecture while giving it relevance in today’s market. To obtain the most efficient use of space, walls were knocked out and new ones built to create a galley kitchen and a bigger bathroom which included a European laundry. I kept the lines squared, from the marble bench top detailing to the shaker cabinetry adorned with hardware reflecting the ‘60s era. I always like to splash out on the tapware as I love the impact it makes, so in both rooms I used Nicolazzi designs. In the bathroom, I reintroduced the green bath from the original fitout enhancing the existing ‘60s characteristics. Presence of the colour white allowed the spaces to look bigger and brighter while the marble bench tops brought a level of sophistication mirroring the feel of the other rooms in the apartment.

My advice on this project was “stick with what you love!”  So often we can over-think everything, but I believe there is a harmony in what one loves therefore, in most cases, all the pieces will work together in the allotted space.

Here, the eclectic collection of furnishings found in the entrance/living/dining areas, along with accompanying artwork, allowed for the rooms to be transitioned from a sophisticated to casual setting depending on the occasion.  The bedroom on the other hand warranted a calmer feel which was achieved with a softer colour palette.  The apartment being on the ground level, shutters were a must to accommodate privacy without excluding all the sunshine.  I had the spaces painted white to make them feel bigger and brighter and with no cause to change the floorboards I left them in their existing condition.